Welcome to another Anime Gift Store blog post! Today is all about anime anniversaries...

Let’s begin with Fairy Tail. On the 15th December this year, it will have been out for 10 years. Next year, on February 8th, Sailor Moon will have finished exactly 20 years ago. On December 24th, 2017, One Piece will have been out for 20 years. On February 1st, the ‘Holy Grail War’ from Fate/Stay Night will commence. And, only a matter of days ago, Light found the death note, on November 23rd.

Nagisa’s birthday (Nagisa from Clannad and Clannad a/s) will commence on December 24th, and Kaori from Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso will have her birthday on July 4th. And let’s not forget Karma Akabane’s birthday (from Assassination Classroom,) which falls upon the 25th December. Haru from My Little Monster will be celebrating his birthday on April 2nd, as well as Tamaki (Senpai) from Ouran High School Host Club having his birthday fall upon April 8th.

On November 26th in 6 years’ time, Kirito and Asuna will enter SAO at 13:00. On December 2nd, Kirito and Asuna will meet.

That’s all we've got today! Can you think of any important (or favourite) dates in anime?

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