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Today we will be talking about Kaichou wa maid sama. Now this anime isn’t mainstream, but it is pretty well known, with its quirky characters and interesting plot line. But the most recent news is that the Kaichou wa maid sama manga is getting a new chapter in February, 2017. Hiro Fujiwara announced that the magazine that originally posted Kaichou wa maid sama as a manga will post another chapter on February 10th. So, all Kaichou wa maid sama fans, watch out for it!

The Anime movie Kimi no na wa, or your name has become Japan’s fourth highest-grossing film of all time. That means it not only has surpassed Harry Potter, it has also beaten movies like Garden of Words, Wolf Children and Colorful. The only movie that grossed higher than Kimi no na wa was Spirited Away. Kimi no na wa has brought in 20,510,000,000 yen, which is about $177.6 million!

Do any of you have a favourite anime movie? We’d love to know.

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