Welcome to another anime gift store blog post! Today we will be talking about a painfully unknown anime.

Aldnoah.Zero is an anime about a world where the Apollo 17 mission finds a hyper gate to mars on the moon. Once they arrive on mars, they find a magical substance, known as ‘Aldnoah’ which gives them powers.

Many humans move to mars, becoming known as ‘martians’, and naming the people that still live on earth ‘terrains’. After princess Asseylum, the current princess of the Martians, tries to make peace with earth by visiting it, a war begins between mars and earth when she is ‘assassinated’ by terrain forces as soon as she arrives.

This anime is classified as Action, Mecha and Sci-fi. It had us on the edges of our seats for both seasons, 12 episodes in each season.

Find it, Watch it...


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