Welcome to another Anime Gift Store blog post! Today we’re going to talk about a rather unknown anime, that we consider a must watch.  It’s called ‘Orange’, and it’s fairly new.

The anime is about a girl, called Naho Takamiyato, who receives a letter written to herself from ten years in the future. It states factual events that Naho confirms throughout the day: she oversleeps for the first time, there is a new transfer student named Kakeru, he will be seated next to her. All of these things happen. The close of the mysterious letter reveals that she wishes her younger self to avoid a series of regrets, the worst of which is the death of her beloved friend Kakeru.

It’s a drama, romance, school, shoju and sci-fi anime, and we highly recommend it (and the manga too!) So why don’t you give an episode or chapter a try?

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