Hello, and welcome to another Anime Gift Store blog post! Today, we will be talking more to the ‘newbies’ in anime. Today, we will be telling you the five anime you should watch if you’re starting out on your anime journey.

  • SAO or Sword Art Online. Let’s be honest, if this is your first anime, you’ll probably think it’s pretty good. Okay plot, good art, strong characters, but once you watch more animes you will come to realise it’s not that great. You will still want to watch the next season though, even if it is just to make fun of it with your friends!
  • At least one episode of Pokémon, whether it be the very first one in the first season, or the one that you saw on TV last week. You may think you are a Pokémon fan if you play Pokémon go, or if you know what a Pikachu is, but believe me, real fans will ask you ‘Misty or Serena?’ You will have to watch to find out why. (I am completely team Misty).
  • Toradora! Now, this anime isn’t as mainstream as Naruto or One Piece. It is cringeworthy at times, and slightly unrealistic, but it is very funny and will give you a great taste of romance animes.
  • Your Lie in April. This anime is, once again, not mainstream, and does not get the credit it deserves. It’s a music anime with a great soundtrack and it really sets the bar quite high. Just stick with it for the first ten or so episodes as it’s a slow starter.
  • Our final pick is Death Note. Yes, it’s long, yes, it’s complicated, but yes, it is absolutely awesome. This anime is probably one of the best psychological and smart animes out there, and you may decide this is the anime genre for you.
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